Statement of Aamer Chaudhry & NCA Exam Guru

Statement of Aamer Chaudhry and NCA Exam Guru.

As a result of the Law Society of Ontario bringing a civil action against me, recent reports in the news media have claimed that my company, NCA Exam Guru, obtained an actual copy of the November 2021 Law Society of Ontario Licensing Examination and knowingly distributed it to our students, along with the answers, in advance of the exam to assist our students in cheating. This is not true.

Our company, like many other bar review courses, displays and discusses sample questions during our review sessions. Over the years we have obtained sample questions from various sources with students sometimes posting and distributing questions that they have obtained from other study guide sources. We have never obtained a copy of any questions that were identified as being on the November 2021 Licensing Examination, nor did we ever supply an answer key or draft answers to questions that we knew were on any of the actual licensing examinations. We would have no reason to do so and would not put our company, the success of our students or their future professional aspirations at risk by knowingly engaging in such conduct.

Indeed, the results of our courses over the past 7 years speak for themselves,.
While these false and defamatory allegations have caused irreparable harm to our reputation, we will continue to do what we have always done: carefully and professionally prepare our students for success on the LSO Licensing Examinations.

I have retained counsel at Brauti Thorning LLP to respond to the Law Society of Ontario lawsuit. The allegations made by the Law Society are not proven and we will vigorously defend claim as appropriate through the courts. Further inquiries can be directed to one of my lawyers, Lorne Honickman: