Law of Torts

NCA exam guru has been offering professional help and mentoring foreign-trained lawyers who want to convert their legal qualification in Canada by giving the NCA exam. We are also a tort law courses institute.

One of the difficult courses among the NCA core is the law of tort course. Our intensive learning base course includes the complete knowledge of rules of key subject areas of Canadian tort law.

Our tort law course outline includes the application of the tort law, its impact, and interaction with the common law. This tort law course online also includes the ability to understand rules, capability to apply legal knowledge, familiarity with basic and alternative theories, understanding of tort law course of employment, ability to think critically, etc.

This is a complete tort law crash course that will help you ace the NCA exam. Our only goal is to equip you with enough knowledge and understanding of the torts course law, so you will not have to face any difficulty in the exam.