NCA Exam Guru is a professional tutoring service for students who are interested in taking the National Committee on Accreditation (NCA) exam offered through the Federation of Law Societies of Canada.

Additionally, the company offers professional tutoring services for those licensing candidates who qualify to take the Law Society of Ontario Barrister & Solicitor exams.

The company does not have access to actual exam questions (whether used in the past or to be used in the future).

In addition to course materials and lectures, the company provides internet-based chat groups/platforms as forums for students who are taking courses with the company for the purpose of exchanging relevant information, ideas, suggestions, and similar content related to the course and pending examinations.

The company also has online platforms open to non-students (Facebook). Although the company provides access to these chat forums, the company and administrators of these platforms do not monitor, vet, endorse or approve content that is posted by people not directly employed by or under the direction of NCA Exam Guru. This includes any links or documents that are posted. Users of these forums are responsible for the content that they post. Where improper content comes to the attention of the administrator or company, steps will be taken to have it removed in a timely way and users who post inappropriate material may be removed from the forum.

All students are reminded of the Rules and Protocols associated with licensing examinations posted by the Law Society of Ontario: https://lso.ca/…/rules-and-protocol-applicable-to-in… and https://lso.ca/…/rules-and-protocol/rules-and-protocol-(applicable-to-online-licensing, which include the following warning:
“In order to preserve the security, confidentiality, and integrity of the Licensing Examinations, candidates are strictly prohibited at all times from receiving from or disclosing to any person or organization, reproducing (through memorization or by any other means), or publishing any Examination Content (whether accurately/perfectly/fully or inaccurately/imperfectly/partially).

Thanks for cooperation.