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The NCA exam guru highly recommends students to start with the constitutional law online course as their first core for their NCA exams. We have highly qualified instructors who conduct the constitutional law classes online to help you prepare for the Canadian NCA exam.

The constitutional law online syllabus is broken down into four main subject areas. Thus, constitutional law lectures online will include an introduction to the nature and sources of the Canadian constitution, procedure for amending constitution, principles of constitutional interpretation, etc.

The course will also deal with constitutional judicial review of federalism problems, division of legislative powers in sections 91-95 in the Constitution Act, understanding of federal powers concerning peace, order, good government, trade, and commerce, etc.

We also prepare students who want to get constitutional law certificate online.

The NCA exam guru can also help you if you are looking into getting a constitutional law degree online. We have one on one or group classes for the students.