How To Transform A Criminal Justice System

In the wake of coronavirus pandemic, the urgency to renew the criminal justice system can be seen in debates. The rise in COVID-19 cases was seen flourishing in jails, prisons, and even detention centers and the need to release older, vulnerable, and undocumented immigrants came emerging from all ways.

The advocates encouraging the criminal justice system to renew their laws to give a medical space to criminals with minimal charges and health challenges in a depiction of how the justice system today needs new policies to come in light.

Along with this, the changes in the criminal justice system were gathering concern for many years. This is because the horrific outcomes of the current judicial system have encouraged experts to focus on the need for a change.

Why a Change is Evitable in the Criminal Justice System

The criminal justice system prevailing around the globe for many years, or should we say since the progress of the world has managed to increase crimes rather than halting the criminal activities. Even in the most developed countries that focus on treating criminals under the supervision of mental health and human rights experts have failed in conquering the loopholes of their judicial system.

Rather than working on the betterment of communities, we all have managed to build jails, filled them with prisoners, and built them again to do just the same. We not only managed to set these bunch of people away from their families but also made sure they feel alienated from their society once they are set free.

Along with that, we made our armored vehicles roll down the Main street to depict how the judicial system is based on creating an environment of justice rather than serving it through laws.


The Change: Do not alienate the Beings

When we talk about the current judicial system or the criminal justice system existing from years in the world, we should make sure that we talk about the treatment that comes forward from these places.

The laws that were built to make communities feel secure and safe in the world has only managed to encourage criminal mentalities already prevailing in the minds of malicious human beings.

These people when are made accountable for their wrongdoings are made to lead a life depending upon an existence that has nothing to do with society. They not only are left to feel alienated in their land but also are disgraced when they think to start life all over again.

These people are not given loans to start a business or even to start with college. This shows that our policies have made these people feel a lesser part of society, or to be stated accurately, not part of society.

The Approach

If we wonder what part we can play in improving the criminal justice systems there’s a lot to put efforts in. Not only should we put forward our opinion in equal treatment of all human beings but also should accept laws that are based on a humanitarian level.

If we start with what elements are required to start the renewal process then following are some aspects that we would want the light to shed on :

  • People should be given the complete right to be treated with equality and respect.
  • The government should be fair and just with all regardless of their color, caste, race, etc.
  • Communities should encourage the progress and development of people who want to start over their lives.

Though these elements seem like a fantasy but with an approach to renew the criminal justice system a lot good can come forward.


The renewal of the criminal justice system has become a topic that is part of the debate for a long time but do we know which elements should be the focus when we debate about a topic like this? Learn the needs and wants that should be made part of the new policies through this informative piece.