Why is Canada a safer study destination for international student’s post-pandemic?

The pandemic of Covid-19 is an unprecedented event that has grasped the whole world and affected millions of lives. Although countries are still experiencing a rise in the number of cases, there are many countries where the cases now are being receded. One of which is Canada, which makes Canada a safer study destination than most countries. The country is also slowly regaining its stable economic growth and prosperity.

Canada has been an attraction for foreign students for a hefty number of years, as a matter of fact, the IRCC reports a 96% satisfaction rate for foreign students that chose Canada to advance their studies.

Here, let us look at some factors that ensure Canada a safer study destination for international students posts Covid-19 pandemic:

Travel Restrictions Extended

The restrictions that were being followed by the Canadian government regarding the travel process for local or foreign passengers have been extended till January 2021 amid the second wave of the pandemic which may cause a spike in cases, to ensure safety, previously imposed restrictions have been extended further. The guidelines ensure there is no non-essential travel for recreation, tourism, and entertainment.

The restrictions imposed have turned out to reduce the overall number of cases in the country and provides help in controlling the situation. As followed in the rest of the countries, Canadian students are required to follow protocols of social distancing, wearing masks, and regularly sanitizing themselves.


Detailed Guidelines are available for International Students

Students that are currently residing in Canada and the students that are planning to visit the country soon have been provided guidelines by the IRCC, informing them about the situation regarding COVID in the country before they apply for their student visa.

The guidelines are in coherence with the Public Health Agency of Canada, in the guidelines much beneficial information can be found regarding the health facilities or the list of COVID-19 institutions.


Learning Institutions following Covid-19 Guidelines

The government in Canada is bound to ensure the safety of local and foreign students alike, for this purpose the Canadian government has only allowed those DLI’s (Designated Learning Schools) to operate within the premise of the country that ensures. Coronavirus readiness plans to accept students.

The plan must include guidelines for international students in terms of support and how to access particular items such as food and medicine during the quarantine phase and essential information on health insurance.

The DLI’s that are accepting international students and are eligible to operate can be found on the IRCC website. This practice ensures the validity of Canada a safer study destination for international students.


Work and study permit carried through mail

The international students that have still not received their study or work permits are restricted by the current travel guidelines. Many students have been unable to visit immigration offices due to the risk of getting infected with the virus.

Considering the risk, the IRCC has opened its web portal where a student can apply for the Letter of Introduction online. After clearing the criteria, the new process will allow the student to receive his/her study permit online.

The concern of parents and students alike have been reduced after the introduction of the new process till the situation in the world gets back to normal.

A recent study suggests that many students in Canada want to begin on-campus classes and consider Canada a safer study destination and are also satisfied with the precautions that are taken by the government of Canada.

Students can log on IRCC website to check the guidelines issued.