Getting Paid in 2020: What lawyers need to know

The unprecedented event which is the Covid-19 pandemic has shifted the entire world on its head in regards to every industry and especially the legal industry which has also witnessed its fair share of disruption from the pandemic. Many graduates from top law firms have been stuck in a predicament where the hiring process is either slow or non-existent due to the adverse economic impact that the pandemic has brought on the legal industry, top law firms have seen imposing pay cuts, layoffs, and furloughs for a huge number of employees.

As there is always light after the dark, the same is the case with the current situation as lawyers can witness some bright spots:



An important development that the lawyers need to know is about the restructuring of employed lawyers that has seen a huge upwards spike in activity as clients are forced to deal with navigating the crisis and firms that possess strength in labor and have strong employment practices are witnessing boosts as clients navigate cutting jobs and workplace safety issues.

In this regard, it has been reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in July that the legal industry has succeeded in adding over 1500 jobs since the past month continuing the growth of the industry and subsequent recovery from difficult times.


Specialize in the trending field

An important point that lawyers need to know is that the year 2020 has brought a rippling effect on every industry and every job market but no one can deny that it has also brought some positive economic effects on some if not most different job markets, as such there are many different specializations that lawyers can opt for such as specializing in being a criminal lawyer, divorce lawyer, corporate lawyer, immigration lawyer, regulatory lawyer, trial lawyer, etc. but it is essential to do your research in this aspect as to which specialization can prove beneficial in terms of financial stability by studying the trends of that specific job market in 2020 as compared to that of the previous years.


Choose the ideal locality

Finding the correct city that pays more generously in comparison to others is an intelligent decision on the part of graduated and even experienced lawyers that wish to stabilize themselves further especially in the current year for example in the United States San Francisco beats all the other cities in terms of salary offers for lawyers so naturally, it attracts a fairly large number of practicing lawyers, thus considering this aspect in mind and then selecting a particular city in any country to pursue your law career can turn out to be a beneficial decision that lawyers need to know for the long term.


Choose the ideal place of employment

In addition to selecting the correct city in the most suited state of any given country, another important that lawyers need to know in selecting the right company to work for. The economic stability of every legal organization has been affected one way or another so as a potential lawyer, research regarding the company and estimating the growth of the company is paramount to secure your career and future as well as financial stability in the years to come.

The year 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone and one way or another everyone has been affected by it and are starting to cope with it including the legal industry which is now beginning to progress and rise again which will prove beneficial for all graduating and experienced lawyers in the long run.