Why You Should Consider Foreign Trained Lawyers

Everyone gets employed eventually in the legal workplace but being a foreign law student is a special attraction as the foreign students pass many hurdles and amass valuable experience and they can prove to be a huge asset, here we will discuss how NCA Network has helped and also the qualities of foreign law that can be beneficial to any firm.

Foreign Lawyers Bring Diversity

When you hire lawyers that carry foreign nationality and have worked elsewhere around the world you are not only recruiting individuals that can adapt to the culture, work ethics, etc. and flexible to the requirements of the workplace but also individuals that have a network of connections throughout the world and can also be bilingual. They especially help in catering to the needs of clients that have also worked and lived somewhere else and they can understand the requirements of the client better than compared to local lawyers.

The importance of diversified and foreign lawyers is incomparable in society as compared to the local lawyer workforce. This also includes lawyers that attained legal education in foreign countries as well.

The NCA Network for Foreign Law Students

For a foreign lawyer to apply in Ontario, Canada there is a series of steps to be followed, first, they apply to the Federation of Law Societies (FLSC) to assess their education and determine how many NCA exams he/she have to take.

Then he/she has to perform articling, write the licensing exams, and get called to the bar. The exams are offered four times a year and an individual has the liberty to select how many exams that have been assigned by the NCA do they want to take.

There is very little guidance for any foreign individual explaining how to undertake these exams, what to write or even what the exams were about so joining the NCA Network for this purpose proves to be a valuable option for these individuals. The NCA Network provides strategies to the individuals for writing these exams and much-needed guidance for them.

After that comes articling. Firms usually recruit articling positions three years in advance, they hire the summer studying in between their second and third year and then the student’s article with the firm. Other firms hire one year in advance, so an international law student feels off-cycle due to the timeline. With dedication and hard work foreign students manage to complete their articling and finish their NCA exams and await their Certificate of Qualification. Thus, the foreign qualified lawyers pass through a rigorous testing phase and already make a proving ground for themselves to excel in the legal workplace.

Journey to Success for a Foreign Lawyer

After receiving the Certificate of Qualification which essentially means that a foreign lawyer can now practice law in Canada. After that he/she can return to volunteer with the same estate litigator that they worked with before law school.

Articling can open up different opportunities for an individual like opening up their own venture, they can learn the office management aspect and can visit the courts, have conversations with clients, and draft all materials. Estate legislation provides an opportunity to aid clients through their difficult times and is a fair niche domain of the legal workplace.

If all else fail, an individual has the option to start their own law firm, as an estate legislator you can observe the issues of the clients, which can be very personal so being an estate legislator it provides an opportunity to be compassionate to the clients and be available to them.