How To Survive As An NCA Student

There are many concerns and questions in mind for an NCA student before entering into the legal market, here we address some concerns and discuss how to survive in the legal profession.

Identify Your Strengths & Weaknesses Before A Job Search

It is not a hidden fact that the job market is saturated especially if you aspire to work in Canada, keeping that in mind it is paramount to note that the dynamic aspect of the legal market is changing rapidly as we speak, and subsequently the job market is expanding. Keeping this in mind is of utmost importance for an individual to explore their interests and identify the domains where they are inclined towards. After identifying your strengths and weaknesses, your likes and dislikes your job search will narrow down significantly.

Try and show Flexibility when searching for work and do not narrow down your options to a minimum, for example articling is a highly sought after job prospect on the Bay street but that does not mean that the said area is your only option, Canada is a big country in which innovative teams are searching for enthusiastic foreign lawyers to join their ranks. Do not hesitate in expanding your search in practice areas. Especially keep an eye out for employers that practice what they preach in regard to diversity and inclusion hiring. An NCA student brings international exposure to firms and cultural diversity to the workplace which is a big plus!

Reject When Necessary

You are allowed to reject that any offer that wants you to perform articling for no remuneration. There are different good options available such as the LLP program. LSO’s governing body has approved one of the two options for lawyer licensing that retains current transitional training pathways with significant enhancements. LSO also implemented required salaries for licensing candidates pursuing articles or LLP work placements.

Work Experience Counts!

NCA student being an internationally trained lawyer, they may lack significant experience in the Canadian workplace. Thus, amassing experience as soon as possible counts a lot, even if it be as a volunteer. Building a network of professionals requires time and commitment, so for a fresh NCA student volunteering may prove a vital option to help grow their network immensely.

You Should Know How To Sell Your Skills

In order to succeed in the marketplace, you should know and understand your skills and how to sell them, in order to do that you must have persuasive arguments in your favor. Your resume’ is your first impression, make it a good one.

After achieving every milestone update your resume’, keeping it as a work in progress.

Build Connections, They Are Important!

Networks have always played a vital role in the growth and development of a person’s career especially for an internationally trained lawyer it can work wonders. A frequently asked question by every NCA student is how to build an effective and strong network within the industry? The first step is listing out everyone that you may know either as direct contact or indirectly in the legal market. The contact may turn out to be someone you know, a friend of a friend maybe a professor you studied from, you can email them regarding a formal meeting or a meeting over coffee and some biscuits. Go prepared with your resume’ with you, do not hesitate in asking for tips and suggestions. After some meetings, you will get an insight into the market and how to proceed positively, and eventually with some luck will be called for interviews.